<![CDATA[The AGA Group: talent_showcase]]> http://TALENT.AGASOLUTIONSGROUP.COM/ en-us <![CDATA[Clinical Research Scientist]]> Qualifications Summary:

Clinical and Translational Research Scientist with 10+ years of work experience in rare Neuromuscular Disease,
Neurobiology, Developmental Biology, Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation Science, Orthopedic Surgery, Nephrology, and
Drug trials. Major skills, expertise, and accomplishments include:
• Quickly adapts to constantly changing fast-paced environments, visionary for future and complementary
projects, and an innovative/creative thinker
• Effectively works in a matrix setting to resolve issues and achieve common goals
• Developing projects and protocols with internal and external collaborators. Establish and maintain working
relationships with collaborators
• Experience with clinical trials in adults and pediatrics with rare NMD
• Experience collecting, managing, analyzing and presenting findings of clinical and basic science data to various
stakeholders (adults and pediatrics)
• Managing personnel as a key team lead: monitors job performance; ensures proper training, task progression
and completion  
• Thorough knowledge of GCP modules and GLP modules. Knowledge of FDA regulations
• Lead development and/or support of grant proposals as a senior team member or principal investigator
• Spearhead research projects and ensure study progress
• Experience interpreting and performing statistical analyses using SPSS and consulting with statisticians
• Use clinical data/evidence for grant proposals for funding future projects


  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship/Research Fellow, Clinical Trial and Neuromuscular Symptoms Research
    National Institutes of Health (NIH)– Bethesda, MD  2014-2019
  • Ph.D., Rehabilitation Science
    University of Kansas Medical Center – Kansas City, KS   2014
  • DPT, Physical Therapy
    University of Kansas Medical Center – Kansas City, KS  2010
  • MS, Exercise Physiology
    The University of North Carolina at Greensboro – Greensboro, NC  2006
  • BS, Biology (Chemistry minor) with honors
    Delaware State University – Dover, DE  2004
    Research Experience

      Research Fellow/Clinical Research Scientist  06/2014-05/2019
  • Neuromuscular Symptoms Unit, Tissue Injury Branch, National Institute of Nursing Research, NIH   
  • Industry and investigator-initiated pre-clinical and clinical research in NMD and congenital rare disease: Design,
    develop and/or execute pre-clinical studies, phase I, and I/II trials in rare disease as an associate investigator
  • In vitro study testing the effect of Rycals in RYR1-RM myofibers isolated from skeletal muscle biopsies
    o In vitro study testing the effect of N-acetylcysteine in zebrafish
    o In vitro study measuring glutathione levels in RYR1-RM myofibers as an indicator of oxidative stress
    o Bench science study measuring a novel fatigue biomarker in saliva of individuals with RYR1-RM
    o Proof of concept study: Safety/efficacy drug trial in individuals with RYR1-RM using Rycals
    o Proof of concept study: The first double-blind, placebo-
    controlled clinical drug trial in patients with Ryanodine Receptor Isoform-1-Related Myopathies (RYR1-
    RM) using N-acetylcysteine. Study started March 2015  
  • Protocol Development and Management: Expertise in the areas of clinical (Neuromuscular Disorders and
    Nephrology), translational (Neuromuscular Disorders and drug safety/efficacy), and basic science research

(Neuromuscular, Neuroscience, Orthopedics/Rehabilitation Science, Developmental Biology, and Bioinformatics)  

o Implement and modify clinical and scientific methodology for protocols
o Ensure adherence to protocols during clinical trials, identify safety concerns and categorize adverse
o Determine participant eligibility based on genetic testing and clinical symptoms
o Protocol budgeting  

  • RB-related tasks: Advice PI in IRB-related tasks including protocol deviations and amendments, submitting
    problem reports and adverse events. Preparation for initial protocol approval, attend IRB meetings for further
    explanation (if needed), implement protocol modifications based on IRB requirements and stipulations, respond to
    IRB stipulations, and consult with the team for finalizing IRB protocol amendments. Review of documents for IRB
    submission and track submissions  
  • Manage the physical therapy (PT) aspect of the study. Requires leadership over PT staff for protocol management, time-
    sensitive problem-solving decisions, test administration, and patient education
  • Safety: Create safety response SOPs for physical therapy measures, develop emergency safety response strategy,
    safety data reconciliation for trials, expedited reporting, and review, establish possible rehabilitation safety events,
    consults for participant return or withdrawal due to safety event or concern, modify safety protocol as needed
  • Prepare for audits including patient files, enforcing quality control through a 2 to 3-person point-check system,
    and team readiness  
    ? Identify trends, issues, or concerns in the performance of our scientific research including data collection and
    statistical analysis, lab experiments, sample processing, and test administration  
  • Draft clinical scientific documents, including Investigational New Drug (IND) application for FDA, consent and
    assent forms, work practice documents, standard operational procedures (SOPs), and Note to Files (memos for
    tracking protocol deviations and modifications as well as track changes based on data quality control checks)
  • Translational science
    o Serve as technical resource for bench science and bedside research
    o Identify optimal assays for measuring oxidative stress
    o Bio specimen sample processing (muscle, blood, urine, and saliva) and storage for
  • Testing Ryals
  • Measuring oxidative stress
  • Identifying and measuring fatigue biomarker (novel)
  • Manage data including data collection, storage, statistical analyses, and data interpretation  
  • Collaborate with local and federal organizations to implement drug and safety/efficacy protocols for rare diseases
    and to perform genotype-phenotype projects
  • Prepare reports and other required/relevant documents to serve as a presenter of clinical and scientific research
    (expertise) to various audiences at conferences (local, national, and international), board meetings, and
    internal/external audits  
  • Coordinate the development of information and educational materials related to RYR1-RM on a public health
    website, specifically clinical trials.gov as well as for patient education
  • Write and edit Grants, grant awardee
    ? Prepare scientific articles for publication, review other scientific articles prepared by PI or team and perform
    scientific peer review for journals
    ? Analyze research goals and evaluate the effectiveness and the improvement of existing research personnel,
    organizational, and operational procedures
    ? Manage and train personnel including post-doctoral fellows (2), post-baccalaureate students (5), and summer
    students (2)
    Graduate Research Assistant 05/2010-01/2014
    Orthopedic Surgery, University of Kansas Medical Center  
  • Prepared and conducted meetings with surgeons to identify their issues and concerns  
  • Communicate research target, goals, and progress in team meetings and external meetings  
  • Bench Science:  
    o Created, designed, and conducted exploratory studies for the identification of contributing factors,

 specifically, nerve endings and collagen, related to shoulder instability

o Developed and performed staining protocol for identifying sensory nerve endings in fibrous articular
o Bio specimen sample processing (shoulder capsule and labrum)
o Identified type 1 and 3 collagen proteins in articular tissues

  • Project reassessment, statistical analysis, and data interpretation
  • Trained medical residents, graduate students, and high school graduates in lab techniques and equipment used
  • Prepared scientific articles for publication

Scientific presentations
   Research Coordinator          09/2007-12/2009
 Nephrology, University of Kansas Medical Center  

  • Clinical Research in Nephrology: Performed a double-blind phase II clinical trial to determine the effects of
    pyridoxamine (vitamin B6 derivative) on calcium oxalate synthesis in individuals with and without primary
  • Maintained data entry database, performed data entry, executed phone calls to subjects, managed current
    literature search, and determine the best options for statistical analysis
    Research Skills and Techniques
    Project development, project management, personnel management, training and development, clinical assessment
    administration, ensure and establish patient safety, proper planning and conduct of tests and measures, data
    management, data quality control, data interpretation, domestic and international liaison, ensure timely execution of
    off-site pre-clinical studies with collaborators, excellent communication, detail-oriented team lead, identify and
    resolves problems independently and as a team, excellent time-sensitive problem-solving skills
    Bench Science:
    Bench science skills and techniques are extensive and diverse in the areas of vivisection and tissue preparation
    (cadavers, mice, rats, dogs, and tissue within 30min of biopsy), cell and molecular biology, protein biochemistry,
    histology, and bio informatics. Analytical skills are the same as clinical including bio specimen data management using
    secure databases  
    Clinical Trials Database (CTDB); Clinical Research Information System; SPSS; Filemaker Pro; Igor Pro; Statview
    Additional Research Training
  • Neurostereology course – Society for Neuroscience Conference, Baltimore, MD 2011
  • Immunohistological Techniques – Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 2011
  • Professional Writing Course-NIH, Bethesda MD 2015
  • Myology Course-Nationwide Children’s Hospital/OSU, Columbus, OH 2015
  • Neuromuscular Ultrasound Training Course, Wake Forest, NC 2016
  • Clinical Trials Methodology Course 2017
  • Pre-Congress Myology Teaching Course, Paris, France 2017
  • Performed at each institution: Good Clinical Practice (GCP); Good Laboratory Practice (GLP); Laboratory
    training for animals, humans, bloodborne pathogens, etc.
    Selected Publications
    Kushnir, A*; Todd, J*; Witherspoon, JW*; Yuan, Q; Reiken, S; Lin, H; Munce, RH; Wajsberg, B;
    Melville, Z; Clarke, OB; Wedderburn-Pugh, K; Wronska, A; Razaqyar, MS; Chrismer, IC; Shelton, MO;
    Mankodi, A; Grunseich, C; Tarnopolsky, MA; Tanji, K; Hirano, M; Riazi, S; Kraeva, N; Voermans, N;
    Gruber, A;  Allen, C; Marks, AR; Meilleur, K. (2019). Intracellular calcium leak as a therapeutic target
    for RYR1-related myopathies. Acta Neuropathologica. Under Review.
    Witherspoon, JW; Rekant, J; Wakim, P; Vasavada, R; Waite, M; Chrismer, IC; Shelton, MS; Jain, M;
    Meilleur, K (2019) Use of Fatigue Index as a Measure of Local Muscle Fatigability in Ryanodine 

Receptor Isoform-1-Related Myopathies (RYR1-RM). Frontiers in Neurology. Accepted.
Todd, JJ; Witherspoon, JW; Chrismer, IC; Razaqyar, MS; Punjabi, M; Elliot, J; Tounkara, T; Kuo, A;
Shelton, MS; Lawall, TA; Allen, C; Cosgrove, MM; Linton, M; Jain, MS; Waite, M; Drinkard, B;
Wakim, P; Dowling, J; Bonneman, C; Emile-Backer, M; Meilleur, KG (2019) Breaking the sound
barrier of randomized controlled trials in congenital myopathies: results of the N-acetylcysteine trial in
RYR1-related disorders. Neurology. 92 (15 Supplement) S23.004
Witherspoon, JW; Vuillerot, C; Vasavada, R; Waite, M; Shelton, MS; Chrismer, IC; Jain, M; Meilleur,
K (2019) Motor Function Performance in Individuals with RYR1-Related Myopathies. Muscle and
Nerve. 60(1):80-87.
Witherspoon, JW; Vasavada, R; Logaraj RH; Waite M; Collins J; Shieh C; Meilleur K; Bonneman, C;
Jain, M (2018) Two-Minute versus 6-Minute Walk Distances During 6-Minute Walk Test in
Neuromuscular Disease: Is the 2-Minute Walk Test and Effective Alternative to a 6-Minute Walk Test?
European Journal of Pediatric Neurology. 23(1):165-170.
Todd, JJ; Sagar, V; Lawall, TA; Allen, C; Razaqyar, MS; Chrismer, IC; Zhang, X; Cosgrove, MM; Kuo,
A; Vasavada, R; Jain, MS; Waite, M; Rajapakse, D; Witherspoon, JW; Wistow, G; Meilleur, KG
(2018) Correlation of Phenotype with Genotype and Protein Structure in RYR1-Related Disorders.
Journal of Neurology. 265(11):2506-2524.
Witherspoon, JW; Vasavada, R; Waite, M; Jain, M; Meilleur, K (2018) 6-Minute Walk Test as a
Measurement of Disease Progression and Fatigability in Individuals with RYR1-Related Congenital
Myopathies using 6MWT. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases. 13(1):105.
Todd JJ; Razaqyar MS; Witherspoon JW; Lawal TA; Mankodi A; Chrismer IC; Allen C; Meyer MD;
Kuo A; Shelton MS; Amburgey K; Niyazov D; Fequiere P; Bönnemann CG; Dowling JJ; Meilleur KG
(2017) Novel Causative RYR1 Variants in Six Individuals with Ryanodine Receptor 1-Related Congenital
Myopathies: Genetic, Laboratory, Muscle MRI and Clinical Findings. Frontiers in Neurology. 9:118.
Witherspoon, JW and Meilleur, KG (2016) Review of RyR1 and its Associated Pathomechanisms.
Acta Neuropathologica Communications. 4(1):121.


*Additional publications and presentations available upon request*
Presented clinical and basic science research over the last 17 years at domestic and international conferences
and meetings.  
Leadership, Mentoring/Teaching, and Outreach Experience
Health Ambassador    06/2010-06/2013
Black Health care Coalition, Kansas City, MO
Coordinator of Healthy Generations Program 06/2010-06/2013
Christian Tabernacle Church of God in Christ, Kansas City, MO
Mentor and Basketball Coach   06/2008-06/2010
Boys and Girls Club Community Outreach Program, Kansas City, KS
Faculty/Mentor     08/2007-05/2008
Saturday Academy, Kansas City, KS  
Co-Founder, Mentor    02/2007-05/2007
Judah Project Organization, Washington, DC          
Graduate Teaching Fellow   08/2005-12/2006
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC  

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<![CDATA[Office Support Assistant]]> Summary

Personable and dedicated Customer Service Representative with extensive experience in a medical, call center and office staff industry. Solid team player with an upbeat, positive attitude and proven skills in establishing rapport with clients. Motivated to maintain customer satisfaction and contribute to company success. Specialize in quality, speed, and process optimization. Articulate, enthusiastic and results-oriented with a demonstrated passion for building relationships, cultivating partnerships and growing businesses.


Patient Service Representative
Apple One Through Maximus

05/2019 to Current
Tiffany Springs, MO

Educated patients and families on treatments, procedures, medications, continuing care and community resources. Coordinated between patients and healthcare professionals to meet patient needs.
Accessed patient information through a variety of office software applications, maintaining strict confidentiality to remain compliant with HIPAA regulations. Scheduled patient appointment and procedures with CRM
Scheduled and confirmed patient appointments with patients and healthcare professionals. Documented and managed patient information using CRM. Answered patient questions and fielded complaints.
Maintained HIPAA compliance across all patient data-handling, systems, and training.


Shady Lawn Living Center

Social Services Designee/ CMT

09/2017 to 05/2019

Savannah, MO

Conducted psychosocial assessments to identify individual needs and specific social services necessary to address identified objectives and goals. Performed ongoing monitoring of care plans to evaluate effectiveness, documenting interventions and goal achievements and suggest changes accordingly. Maintained confidential patient documentation to prevent data compromise and comply with HIPAA regulations.
Partnered with interdisciplinary teams to implement care plans. Built and maintained strong relationships with patients by successfully resolving issues and responding promptly to phone inquiries. Scheduling and transportation at times of patients to various community doctor appointments. Scheduling and holding care plan meetings for patients. Direct patient care and prepping and administering medications needed to patients.

Attended various daily management staff meetings, QA and risk meetings with departmental head staff CNA/ CMT/ MEDICAL RECORDS/Central Supply Technician


Nicks Healthcare Center

09/2015 to 09/2017
Plattsburg, MO

Assisted patients with personal care, ambulation, and general patient care needs. Documented information in patient charts and communicated status updates to the interdisciplinary care team.
Promoted patient satisfaction by assisting with daily living needs such as bathing, dressing, toileting and exercising. Aided patients with mobility and activities of daily living. Inventoried supplies, picked necessary materials and delivered accurate items to the central supply room.

Cameron Missouri

Chillicothe, MO

Bethany Missouri

  1. Closing and Thinning of new patients and current patients charts.
  2. Prepared and administered medications that patients required
  3. Attended various interdisciplinary team meetings
  4. Behavioral Health training for patient and worker safety when needed
  5. Education and Training


High School Diploma
Cameron High School

Tue, 03 Mar 2020 00:00:00 CST Professional References

Erica Williams Supervisor at Maximus 816-469-9155
Melissa Costello Director of Nursing while working at Nicks Healthcare Center 816-898-6959
Michelle Lambert Co-Worker at Maximus through Apple One 206-390-4429


Schedule mastery
Inbound call receiving
Microsoft Office expertise
45 WPM
Interdisciplinary team member
Organizational strengths
Inventory control
Technologically savvy
Call center experience
Customer relations

1 http://talent.agasolutionsgroup.com/images/talent/101171/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-07BBF245-EBF2-39C0-A2F8-F0012AE5D8B1.jpg
<![CDATA[Director Business Development]]> Strategic Sales Leader driven by outcomes and excellence, with extensive experience developing markets and market share, for #1
Fortune and start-up companies.  Seeking a Dallas-based position in a company that rewards collaboration, expertise, and results.
• Influential Trust Builder

  • Revenue Accelerator
  • Leadership Development
  • High-achieving & Service-oriented
  • Strategic Visionary
  • Creative Problem Solving      
  • Med Device:  “Area of the Year,” “Representative of the Year,” (multiple) Award Trip Winner and #1 in US Sales many times
  • Exceeded goals in 18 product launches (9 1 st  in class); Built several areas in different specialties (from $00) into multi-$MM revenue
  • Led FDA-mandated surgeon training and 1 st  US valve implants; designed implant tool; received Corporate “Appreciation Award”
  • Field-based lead Product Manager; Trainer to cardiothoracic fellows on surgical AF; Trainer / KOL Leader for multi-billion $ product
  • #1 Management Team; Managers’ Teamwork Award; #2 Sales Manager ($22M+) in Merck US Human Health Division (of 147)
  • Visionary for “Columbia 3f bio-root” aortic-valved conduit:  published (ghost writer) and implanted by heart surgeons worldwide
  • Strategic Coordinator; Analytics adopted nationally; President’s Club, Peer and HR Advisory Boards; 20+ Sales Awards
  • Board Member, Flow MedTech Advisor, T. Boone Pickens Leadership Institute Member, Civic Leader & Chair [5X5] ART SHOW
      XYZ Start-up  
      Key Account Manager / Region Manager, Heart Valves | South  Medical Device Sales Manager           2017—2019
  • Unlock areas of resistance; create strategic partnerships to support future personnel:  HonorHealth, Banner, Abrazo and Baylor
  • Build and lead 6 direct reports to launch and double sales in 8 states for exclusive sutureless AVR technology, including MIS
  • Hired 3 and developed 2 top US performers, including a President’s Club Winner, and #1 in Perceval valve; created comp calculator
  • US Rankings 1-3 throughout tenure; most accurate forecaster in management; Sales Advisory Board Leader to top US performers
    XYZ Biotech Regional Business Manager | Dallas  Medical Device Sales & FDA Surgeon Trainings           2016—2017
  • Revenue and surgeon training responsibility for Northeast Texas on a novel stent implantation incorporating a new ‘MIGS’ procedure
  • Grew revenue from 38% to 114% within 5 months; earned highest achievements for trainings and other benchmarks; 98% average
  • Booked > $1.4M in revenue within first 4 months; resource to multiple call points, including Billing, Administrators and Schedulers
    XYZ Company  Chief Commercial Officer | Global  Global Sales, Marketing, Clinical Affairs & Strategy  [ Company Closed ]  2014—2015
  • Medical device “turn-around” specializing in invention, manufacturing and commercialization of disruptive MIS spine technology
  • Hired/coached team, serving pain physicians and spine surgeons, to develop vision and marketing messages to increase sales
  • Created/implemented strategy to make “least” invasive needle-based surgery, a viable cost-effective new standard of care
  • Developed new markets, and pre-launch plans for novel titanium cage as revenue strategy during clinical development
    XYZ Company VP of Sales & Marketing  | US  Healthcare Claims Adjudication Service  [ Company Closed ]     2013
  • Private firm offering a service for fiduciaries and payors that quantifies and returns overpayments made on medical claims
  • Results:  Closed >75% of company's revenue pipeline in less than one year (>$200M); sold first prospective service to TPA
  • Leadership Development:  Set-up national sales distribution, trained and supported customer facing meetings across the US
  • Marketing:  Established corporate strategy; Developed sales aides, brand meaning, strategy, aesthetics and company mission
     Page 2

  Medtronic Director of Marketing | 20% of US  Structural Heart Executive Team          [2-year non-compete ]                
  C-Suite cross-business multi-level contracting and clinical solutions; Professional Development Committee for Executive Leadership
• Exceeded corporate objectives with ~30% growth; Aligned MDT and hospitals’ into win-win; Enhanced client loyalty
• >$100M:  Supported management to exceed goals in TX, OK, LA, AR, MS, AL, TN, CO, MT and NY
• RBC and Hospital of the Future Creative Team:  Design input and proof concept Beta Site Leader at UTSW and Mercy
ATS Medical US Business Development Manager, Tissue Heart Valves | US     [Acquired by Medtronic]                
  Market development, global sales leader, brand and technical expert; Key Opinion Leader Management; R&D Liaison
• $3.5M Plan, delivered $12M Revenue; conceptualized Columbia 3f  ®  Aortic Bio-root peer-reviewed publication
• Developed and led national intra-operative physician training and sales support for the United States
Sales Leader / Trainer | New Product Introductions Mountain Region:  CO, WY, MT, ID (2003-2007) and NY
Grew Revenue 500% in 2 years; #1 in US Total Revenue (2008-2009); #1 in US Overall Sales Growth (2007, 2008 and 2009)  
• #1 US Heart Valve Repair Products and #1 US Tissue Valve Products (2009); Xenografts (>$100K / #1 sale in company history)
• #1 Area of the Year (2008); #1 US Atrial Fibrillation Products; #2 in US Valve Sales and more
  Merck & Co. Regional Manager | Southwest Ranked “America’s Most Admired Corporation” on the S&P 8 years        
  Hired, led and developed 12 sales professionals & Various Teaching and Marketing Roles  | Responsible for $22M+
Launch Team (4% US managers) to introduce newly FDA approved products; #1 Region of 12 and #2 Nationally of 147 Managers (2002)
• Business Manager Teamwork Award; #1 Region; #1 in Hospital Contracts; Created management tools adopted nationally
• #3 in the US, leading 10 professionals selling in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab:  CO, LA, NM, OK, TX (2000)
• 1992-1999:  Various Sales, KOL, Training and Marketing Roles
Surgeons       Medical
Cardiovascular / Thoracic               Endocrinologists
           Neurosurgeons                     Gastroenterologists
         Ophthalmologists        HIV / Infectious Disease
             Orthopedists         Immunologist / Allergists   
      Spine:  Ortho / Neuro                       Otolaryngologists  
         Interventionalists               Pulmonologists
             Cardiologists              Rheumatologists
         Pain Management                                       Urologists   
     CEO / CFO
      COMMUNITY 2014-Present
      Mentor Health Wildcatters, Med-tech mentor-driven accelerator        Voluntarism Junior League of Dallas (largest on Earth)
     Board Member National Center for Missing & Exploited Children       Founder [5X5] ART SHOW Fundraiser (founded in 2017)
BFA The University of Oklahoma (OU)                OU Panhellenic Elected Social Chairman for 20,000 Students
   Gamma Gamma Honor Society         Slated Social Chairman for KA? Fraternity
Order of Omega Honor Society          Slated House Manager for KA?, managed rent & house fire
 2019 T. Boone Pickens Leadership Institute                  Salutatorian High School | Scholarship

Thu, 27 Feb 2020 00:00:00 CST 1 http://talent.agasolutionsgroup.com/images/talent/101171/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-0C7FB287-4D04-38C7-A56F-2BE97C1E0D58.jpg
<![CDATA[Front Desk Coordinator]]> Reliable and enthusiastic Receptionist offering 4.5 years of experience in efficient front desk management. Adept at prioritizing tasks, maintaining organization and optimizing workflow. Accustomed to balancing high-volume inquiries with administrative needs for the office. Hardworking and gifted at performing specification and design reviews to ensure client expectations will be exceeded. Engaging and personable with the ability to monitor work quality, manage key milestones and deliver exemplary customer service.

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Patient Services Representative
Kansas City, MO

November 2019 to Present
Receive incoming calls following HIPAA guidelines and regulations • Data entry • Appointment 
scheduling • Contacting doctors on behalf of patients • Taking detailed notes so that co-workers will be able to assist the patient on the next call
Resident Service Provider/ Receptionist
Salvation Army 
Independence, MO
October 2013 to August 2017

Organized incoming and outgoing mail • Completed necessary shift chores • Assisted residents with daily needs • Maintained continuity among work teams by documenting and communicating 
actions, irregularities, and continuing needs • Assisted with the organization of company functions 
and events • Utilized MS Office fully in daily tasks and responsibilities • Set up and maintained 
accurate data management systems • Researched and retrieved information • Monitored premises, screened visitors, updated logs and issued passes to maintain security • Kept 
reception area clean and neat to give visitors positive first impression • Routed incoming mail 
and messages to relevant personnel without delay • Answered telephone calls to field inquiries 
from clients, donors and various other callers seeking information • Assisted internal staff with clerical and administrative needs to maximize efficiency and team productivity

Walmart Stores Inc  
Tulsa, OK

April 2011 to October 2011
Greeted customers as they entered the store and as they were checking out • Checked out customers • Resolved any customer issues with care • Required to have good knowledge of the store's policies, departments, and products

Cashier/Lead Server
Papa Lew's Soul -
Kansas City, MO
February 2007 to January 2010
Performed complete opening, closing and shift change duties to keep restaurant working efficiently and teams ready to meet customer needs • Applied communication and problem-solving skills to 
resolve customer complaints and promote long-term loyalty • Maintained customer satisfaction with 
timely table check-ins to assess drink or other needs • Modeled strategies to wait staff for 
delivering exceptional and friendly service to every guest, every time • Trained new staff on 
restaurant operations and policies to strengthen performance • Stayed up to date on menu changes to offer current and accurate information, answer questions and help customers select 
optimal meal choices based on individual preferences • Maintained organized and clean customer areas by completing daily recovery checklists

Swinney Recreation Center  
Kansas City, MO

January 2009 to May 2009
Coordinated reservations and appointments • Greeted students, staff, and community members entering the building • Directed visitors by maintaining employee and department directories; giving 
instructions • Maintained a safe and clean reception area by complying with procedures, rules, and 
regulations • Maintained continuity among work teams by documenting and communicating 
actions, irregularities, and continuing needs • .Reported any and all issues such as broken 
machines, stolen or lost merchandise, etc • Utilized MS Office fully in daily tasks and 
responsibilities • Set up and maintained accurate data management systems • Researched and 
retrieved information • Required to have knowledge all work out equipment and how to use it • 
Sorted and distributed business correspondence to correct department or staff member, reducing dropped communications and enabling faster responses to key requests

High School Diploma

Some college
Biology University of Missouri 
Kansas City, KS
June 2018 to Present

Tue, 04 Feb 2020 00:00:00 CST Skills

  • Telephone Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Customer Focus
  • Organization
  • Adaptability
  • Supply Management
  • Marketing using Social Media
  • Attention to detail
  • Data management Documentation
  • Marketing Meetings
  • Mail
  • Microsoft Office
  • Research
  • Project planning & development
  • Advanced problem solving
  • Multi-site operations
  • Timeline management
  • Customer Service
  • Front Desk
  • Call Center
  • Front Office
1 http://talent.agasolutionsgroup.com/images/talent/101171/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-271F4382-F5EF-3571-A870-B9639A87F1E2.jpg
<![CDATA[Chronic Care Management]]> EXPERIENCE  

MSN Health Systems Management Candidate


Manager, Clinical Review

Nurse Supervisor, Chronic Care Management  September 2017 – Present
• Manage brand new call center operations in chronic care management and evaluate the performance of nursing staff
• Direct clinical operations in order to manage geriatric population health and minimize hospital readmissions
• Develop quality metrics, performance standards, and policies for chronic care management implementation
• Lead quality management council and development of business scorecard to manage overall performance
• Implementation of the licensure monitoring system and monitor regulatory compliance to ensure safe nursing practice  

Hospital Affiliated Practice   
Nurse Manager and Lead Lactation Consultant                                                                                    April 2016 – July 2017
Registered Nurse and Certified Breastfeeding Specialist December 2015 – March 2016
• Managed and evaluated the performance of 10 nurses and medical assistants to promote high-quality patient care  
• Implemented quality improvement programs to minimize clinical errors and vaccine waste by ~75%  
• Lactation management: developed education materials, new parent support groups, implemented a telehealth program  
Registered Nurse and Contributing Author July 2014 – August 2015
• Managed 4-5 patients per shift at a 57-bed pediatric acute care specialty hospital caring for patients with
tracheotomy, ventilator dependency, congenital anomalies, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury  
• Created a personalized Spanish trifold poster for a caregiver to reinforce knowledge about the patients care plan  
• Received 10 written feedback notes from patients and nurse administrators for providing superior patient care  
• Wrote about popular pediatric health concerns for Scrubbing In, 

Registered Nurse  October 2013– November 2014
• Assisted physicians with circumcisions, administered vaccines, and telephone triaged pediatric health concerns
JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY                Baltimore, MD
Master of Science in Nursing, Health Systems Management Candidate  Expected May 2021 

Registered Nurse, State of Illinois, Kansas, Missouri   Current
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant                                                                                                Exp. 7/2022
Basic Life Support (BLS)      
40 Under 40, Emerging Nurse Leader Award 
Illinois Nurses Foundation
Nursing Professional Development 
National Council of State Boards of Nursing

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